Below is a collection of stories - both from current and previous portfolio companies - that will give you some insight into the teams we partnered with and show you how we roll up our sleeves to help, every day.


  • Paul English

    Founding CTO of KAYAK, CEO of Blade

    The people behind NFQ have been a great technology & product marketing resource for me during my Kayak times and I am looking forward solving further challenges with them at my new venture Blade. Highly recommended!

  • Johannes Reck

    CEO of GetYourGuide

    The team members behind NFQ were one of our first angel investors and were very hands-on in pushing our product, marketing and technology to the next level. For us NFQ was an important force to reach the necessary scale to secure our Series A.

  • Steve Hafner

    Founder of KAYAK

    The acquisition of has been our springboard to Europe. A major reason for that was the very competitive technology&brand which the Swoodoo/NFQ team has been able to build. On the technology side NFQ’s world-class team is still supporting Kayak’s global operations and we are more than happy with that.

  • Dr. Patrick Andrae

    CoFounder and CEO of HomeToGo

    We partnered with NFQ right from the beginning. NFQ was absolutely an instrumental partner to help us scale HomeToGo to its current status as the world’s largest vacation rental search engine. As just one example: NFQ managed to bring on board 30 high-end developers in just 2 months to build our tech team. We’re happy to continue to have them on board as a core technology partner.

  • Dr. Christian Saller

    Founder of swoodoo, Partner at Holtzbrinck Ventures

    Right from the beginning, the complete website development of swoodoo was done with the tech team from NFQ. The excellent developers at NFQ allowed us to scale the platform with maximum speed and minimum friction.

  • Sebastian Schuon

    CoFounder and CTO of Stylight

    NFQ consulted STYLIGHT how to grow an engineering organisation. Their experience and insight from building renowned companies allows you to repeat their successes.

  • Roland Fesenmayr

    CEO of OXID eSales

    We have co-founded Oxid with the NFQ team back in 2003. NFQ was key to our success when we were on business plan stage and they still are today for us as the leading German e-commerce solutions provider!