What We Do

NFQ accelerates the success of entrepreneurs with a current team of 300 specialists delivering company-building services including strategy, engineering, operational scaling, recruiting, business development, product delivery, and product marketing. With more than 10 years of experience in eCommerce and Travel we provide technology excellence.

NFQ invests – we see ourselves as the “Entrepreneurs Behind the Entrepreneurs” and we take a very hands-on approach to investing. We strongly believe that the key to successful investing lies not just in finding the next outstanding internet brand – but in helping to create it. We focus on later-stage growth phases but do also seed and incubation stages.

NFQ has offices in Europe, Southeast Asia and San Francisco.

  • Technology

    scaling development
    We truly believe that time to market is getting more and more important for companies that want to build a global and not “only” a national category winner. If you have a working and scaling business in your home-market speed is everything to fight international upcoming competition. We believe that by leveraging our excellent technology experience and European network we can give you the edge.
  • Investment

    investing and EU roll-out
    NFQ is an investment entity and technology accelerator that invests in internet companies in the US and EMEA, with a specific focus on business models that can achieve global scale quickly. Many founders have done well to first find product-market fit in their home market and then try to expand abroad. We help you to scale either through own investments or with our excellent network.