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Today, customers demand seamless digital experiences, personalized services, and strong security. Financial institutions face regulatory pressures, competition from fintech startups, and the need to modernize legacy systems. We understand these challenges and provide innovative solutions to help banks thrive in the digital age.


Digital transformation is crucial as online and mobile banking, along with AI and blockchain, reshape customer expectations. However, this shift increases cybersecurity risks, making it essential for banks to implement strong security measures to protect customer data and maintain trust.


Regulatory compliance is another major challenge. Adhering to complex regulations requires significant investment in RegTech solutions and continuous monitoring of changes to avoid penalties and reputational damage.


Overcoming these challenges demands strategic planning, technology investment, and a customer-focused approach to innovation and service delivery.


With a diverse team of experts, we possess the know-how to tackle the complex challenges faced by banks today. Whether it’s developing customized software solutions, implementing advanced security measures, refining user-driven design, or providing strategic guidance, we offer a comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet the needs of today’s banking sector.


Our approach is centered on understanding the unique dynamics of each client’s challenges and objectives. We tailor our solutions to align with concrete business goals through close collaboration and in-depth analysis. From conceptualization to implementation and beyond, we remain committed to delivering excellence at every stage of the project.



Major Projects

Wallet Engine

Wallet Engine is a white-label wallet platform enabling businesses to create and manage their digital wallets, providing secure and reliable payment processing solutions. Wallet Engine supports multiple currencies, including cryptocurrencies, and allows companies to customize the user experience with branding and features. NFQ partnered with Wallet Engine to help them develop their product from scratch, designing the architecture and payment solutions and creating APIs. From the initial business idea to the MVP launch, NFQ is the leading technology development partner. Utilizing Mambu, which is also powering N26 and Revolut. Latest pivot to crypto, own coin, marketplace.

Šiaulių bankas

We have upgraded the online banking and mobile app of one of Lithuania's largest banks. Our experts analyzed and researched user habits, planned the interfaces and design, and provided Front-end programming. The solutions developed by NFQ help Šiaulių bankas to attract new, technologically driven customers whilst maintaining the loyalty of the bank's existing users. Technological solution: - NFQ’s team had two goals: to upgrade Šiaulių Bankas’ app and its online bank. - The mobile version is now much more user-friendly, cost-effective, being both attractive and intuitive to navigate. In updating the Šiaulių Bankas app, NFQ drew on best practices and templates for Android and iOS apps, focusing on user expectations and experiential design. - Another enhancement is the revamped payment form, which is a key feature in Internet banking but had some problems before.The introduction of a "single payment form" solution means the forms are now more logical and user-friendly. Results: - NFQ delivered a user-friendly design system that makes it easy to move dashboard elements around – thus, bank staff can update online content without the help of specialists. - For Šiaulių Bankas, along with its partners, NFQ developed a modern app that is comprehensive yet minimalistic and unified across all platforms across all platforms, providing users updated internet banking.
Our Services

Core Banking Solutions

We'll evaluate your digital solution clearly and thoroughly, allowing you to sidestep potential pitfalls and make informed choices for your business growth.

Anti-Money Laundering

Anti-money laundering services provide tools and strategies to businesses and financial institutions for detecting, preventing, and reporting potentially illicit financial activities to ensure compliance with legal and regulatory standards.

UX & UI Design

Our data-driven approach covers user research, interactive prototyping, and usability testing. We’ll help you make the right decisions impacting every interaction with your users.


From detailed security audits to a comprehensive incident response plan, we’ll guide your organization to safeguard your data and processes.

Software Engineering & Product Development

Our team of experts will help you avoid the most common mistakes in your product development journey.

Tech & Business Advisory

Tech and business advisory services provide organizations with strategic guidance on leveraging technology to drive business growth, improve operational efficiency, and navigate complex digital transformations.

Business Itelligence & Data Science

We’ll help you create and implement a comprehensive web data tracking plan with API integration, data warehouse, and complete data ownership capabilities.

Payment Integration

Payment integration services enable businesses to seamlessly incorporate various payment processing functionalities into their websites or applications, facilitating secure and efficient transactions for users.

Cloud Hosting

NFQ's managed AWS services are designed to reduce your IT support and maintenance efforts, allowing you to focus on building unique solutions whilst preserving service uptimes.

Mobile App Development

Skyrocket your mobile business capabilities with our app development experts who specialize in creating innovative feature-rich apps tailored to your unique needs.

Consulting & Analysis

Consulting and analysis services offer expert advice and in-depth research to help businesses identify opportunities, tackle challenges, and make informed decisions for strategic growth and operational efficiency.

Back-End, Front-End & Middleware/Integrations

In the banking industry, back-end services manage core banking functions and data storage, front-end services provide user interfaces for customer interactions, and middleware/integrations facilitate communication and data exchange between disparate systems and applications for seamless operations.


At the heart of our Cloud Infrastructure Service Line is a user-centric philosophy that reshapes the way your online presence unfolds. We don't just configure and manage accounts; we sculpt an experience that caters to your unique digital journey.

Email Marketing

We’ll help you discover and implement the solutions that work best for your newsletter campaigns, marketing automation, and subscriber database management efforts.

Let’s discuss how we can best serve your needs!

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Wallet Engine
Šiaulių Bankas

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