The healthcare industry faces significant challenges, including strained systems, rising chronic diseases, and pandemics like COVID-19. Technological advancements offer solutions but also bring issues like data privacy and the digital divide. Increasing costs and financial constraints highlight the need for efficient, innovative solutions without compromising patient care.


Our HealthTech Solutions integrate and optimize medical machines with digital platforms, ensuring seamless operation and enhanced diagnostics. We focus on security and user-friendly design, helping healthcare providers deliver superior care.


Beyond hospitals, our solutions include apps like Walk 15, promoting long-term health. As health organizations handle more digital data, secure communication is vital. Our engineers help prevent data leaks, encrypt information, and maintain human-centric care.


Major Projects


We provided DevOps audit services (infrastructure/security) tailored to the unique needs of the health industry. The SOC team conducted an internal security audit, focusing on compliance with industry-specific regulations. This comprehensive audit encompasses repeat audits to ensure ongoing compliance, offboarding services to manage access to sensitive data securely, the creation of onboard/offboard security procedures to streamline employee transitions, and Cyber Threat Intelligence services to proactively safeguard against emerging threats in the healthcare sector.


Collaborating with our client in the healthcare industry, as a team we delivered a cutting-edge application.. This application serves as a vital bridge between health monitoring devices and online platforms. Specifically, we have developed an app that seamlessly transfers essential health metrics such as heart rate (HR), electrocardiogram (ECG), atrial fibrillation (AFIB) data, and pedometer statistics to a dedicated webpage. This innovation not only enhances convenience for users but also empowers healthcare professionals with comprehensive, real-time data for monitoring and analysis. Our solution lets individuals easily track their health metrics using their preferred devices while securely accessing and managing their data through the accompanying web interface. The journey is not over yet. Our client's vision extends beyond mere data transfer. In the near future, pending successful implementation, we aim to integrate these health metrics directly into the app interface. This will provide users with a seamless experience, allowing them to monitor their health status within the same application they use for data collection. App Store authorities have recognized the culmination of our efforts, with both the device and app receiving coveted status in the healthcare and lifestyle categories. This acknowledgment highlights the value and relevance of our solution in the dynamic landscape of digital health technology.
Our Services

Health Data Analytics

Leverage the power of data with our Health Data Analytics service, designed to extract meaningful insights from complex health data. Our solutions enable healthcare providers to make informed decisions, optimize treatment plans, and predict health trends, driving innovation and improving care quality.

Telehealth Solutions

Respond to the growing demand for remote healthcare with our Telehealth Solutions. We develop platforms that facilitate virtual consultations, remote monitoring, and digital health services, connecting patients and healthcare providers across distances and improving access to medical care.

Cybersecurity and Compliance

Stress the importance of robust cybersecurity measures and compliance with industry regulations (e.g., GDPR, HIPAA) to protect sensitive health information and maintain data privacy and confidentiality.

Support and Maintenance:

Assure clients of ongoing support, maintenance, and updates for software solutions to ensure optimal performance, reliability, and security in the rapidly evolving healthcare landscape.

Patient Management Software

Our Patient Management Software service streamlines clinical workflows, from patient scheduling to billing and record-keeping. Designed for doctors and healthcare facilities, our solutions ensure secure, efficient management of patient data, enhancing the quality of care and operational productivity.

Mobile Solutions Services

Bring a personalized and seamless experience to the healthcare industry. Our app development experts specialize in creating innovative, feature-rich apps tailored to the unique needs of healthcare providers.

User Experience (UX) Design

Highlight the focus on user-centric design principles to create intuitive, engaging, and accessible interfaces for healthcare professionals, patients, and caregivers.

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