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At NFQ, our E-Commerce & Retail service is leading the charge in digital shopping. With over twenty years of experience, we’re here to support top online retailers and shop software vendors. Our team specializes in building e-commerce solutions that can handle growth and deliver a great shopping experience.


This service encompasses a broad spectrum of capabilities, from bespoke customization of e-commerce platforms to the seamless integration of innovative features that keep you ahead of market trends.


With us, you get access to cutting-edge technology and smart strategies that drive success in digital commerce. We’re dedicated to giving you a strong tech foundation for your online business.

Major Projects


Through our partnership with Home24, we've played a crucial role in driving business growth by providing seamless technological solutions. As a leading e-commerce platform in Europe and Brazil, Home24 faced the challenge of scaling its operations while maintaining a superior shopping experience for its 2.1 million active users. Since 2015, our dedicated team of IT experts has worked closely with Home24 Shopping Experience Department, delivering long-term, product-focused solutions that address the company's evolving needs. From integrating payback and external search providers to migrating to SAP and transitioning to a responsive design, our team has been instrumental in overcoming technological challenges and ensuring Home24 continued success in an ever-changing market landscape. 


Through our commitment to enhancing operational efficiency, we've transformed our client's workflows, leveraging cutting-edge technology to achieve remarkable results. The optimization of processes has not only resulted in substantial cost savings but has also boosted productivity and empowered our client to meet increased demand without compromising on quality. Our collaborative brainstorming and problem-solving sessions have fueled the implementation of innovative solutions, revolutionizing industry norms and positioning our client as a true leader in their field. Moreover, our joint efforts have facilitated our client's successful entry into new markets, paving the way for the expansion of their customer base and the generation of new revenue streams. At every step of the journey, our focus remains on driving tangible results and fostering sustainable growth for our valued partners.


Our collaboration has provided Louis a remarkable opportunity to expand globally, a journey we're actively pursuing by spearheading the establishment of new stores in four additional countries. Additionally,, our team has evolved into a pivotal player in Louis daily operations, overseeing various core functions. From integrating Spryker with external ERP/CRM systems to developing innovative features for the new online shop, we continue to drive growth and innovation with our role as trusted partners in Louis' success story.


The team of 21 engineers not only delivers strategic impact but also enhances Shopware’s efficiency. By partnering with a team in Vietnam, Shopware has reduced its Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) by approximately 40% and gained greater flexibility in scaling the team. The innovative features built by the team receive overwhelmingly positive feedback from the end-users.
For Agencies

Platform Expertise

Leverage our in-depth expertise across leading e-commerce platforms including Spryker, Shopware, Magento, CommerceTools, Shopify, and OXID. Our team is adept at navigating the complexities of these environments to enhance your e-commerce strategy.

Fixed-Price Projects

Opt for our Fixed-Price Project model to gain clarity and control over your budget and timelines. This service is ideal for agencies seeking to outsource well-defined projects, offering peace of mind with guaranteed deliverables, quality, and costs, allowing you to manage client expectations with confidence.

White Label Solutions

Our White Label Solutions service allows you to offer a wider range of services under your agency's brand. We work behind the scenes to deliver top-notch solutions, from design to development, enabling you to expand your portfolio and impress your clients with a broad service spectrum.

Team Augmentation

Enhance your agency's workforce with our Team Augmentation service, offering immediate access to a global pool of skilled professionals. Seamlessly integrate our experts into your projects to meet demand surges, fill skills gaps, or tackle new challenges, ensuring flexibility and scalability without the overheads of full-time hires.

Daily Rates

Benefit from our Competitive Daily Rates to access premium talent at a fraction of the cost. Our global delivery model ensures you get the best industry rates for our services, enabling your agency to maintain competitive pricing while enjoying higher margins and quality outputs.

Strategic Partnership Benefits

Our Strategic Partnership Benefits go beyond project execution, offering your agency privileged access to our top talent, including consultants, advisors, architects, and AI experts. Benefit from our deep industry insights, innovative solutions, and strategic guidance to not only enhance your service offerings but also to foster knowledge exchange and collaborative growth. This partnership is designed to empower your agency with the tools, skills, and expertise needed to thrive in an ever-evolving digital landscape.
For e-Commerce Software Providers

Core Platform Enhancement

Drive the evolution of your e-commerce platform with our Core Platform Enhancement service. We specialize in expanding and refining the functionalities of systems like CommerceTools, Spryker, and Shopware, ensuring they remain at the forefront of digital commerce technology.

Innovative Feature Development

Stay ahead of market demands with our Innovative Feature Development service. From integrating the latest payment methods to deploying AI-driven personalization, we help you incorporate cutting-edge features that enhance user experience and drive conversions.

Scalability Engineering

Ensure your platform can grow with your clients' businesses. Our Scalability Engineering service focuses on building robust architectures that support expanding product catalogs, user bases, and transaction volumes, guaranteeing performance and reliability at scale.

Security and Compliance Upgrades

Protect your platform and your clients' businesses with our Security and Compliance Upgrades service. We implement the latest security protocols and ensure compliance with international standards, safeguarding data integrity and customer trust in an ever-evolving threat landscape.
For e-Commerce Vendors and Online Shops

Platform Optimization and Customization

Enhance the functionality and user experience of your e-commerce platform with tailored optimizations and customizations. From streamlining checkout processes to integrating advanced search capabilities, we ensure your online store is efficient, user-friendly, and aligned with your brand.

E-Commerce Platform Upgrades

Keep your online store at the forefront of digital retail with timely platform upgrades. Our service ensures a smooth transition to the latest versions of your e-commerce platform, incorporating new features and improvements while minimizing downtime and disruption to your business.

Custom Functionality Development

Extend the capabilities of your e-commerce platform with custom functionality tailored to your specific business needs. From bespoke product configurators to unique checkout enhancements, we develop and implement features that differentiate your store and enrich the shopping experience.

Legacy System Overhaul

Transform outdated e-commerce systems into modern, agile platforms with our Legacy System Overhaul service. We assess your existing setup to identify bottlenecks and implement the latest e-commerce solutions, ensuring your store leverages cutting-edge technology for improved performance and scalability.

ERP and Back-Office Integration

Streamline operations and enhance efficiency with seamless ERP and back-office system integrations. We connect your e-commerce platform with essential business systems, automating workflows, and ensuring real-time data synchronization across inventory, orders, and customer management.

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