In the fast-changing EdTech landscape, we use AI and hybrid classroom technologies to create personalized learning experiences.

Our platforms are intuitive and adaptable, meeting the needs of modern education.

We scale solutions and integrate advanced features to support personalized and immersive learning. Our digital solutions create intuitive, engaging educational platforms that align with the dynamic needs of modern education.

Join us in shaping a smarter, more connected educational future.

Major Projects


Our journey in the EdTech field is exemplified by the development of a comprehensive system for Herojus school, that allows educators to create, manage, and distribute custom educational content with ease. This system includes a CMS, customizable templates for various subjects and grade levels, and an extensive library of interactive elements, facilitating an engaging and personalized learning experience. By enabling teachers to tailor content and assessments, we've provided a solution that adapts to the evolving needs of educators and learners alike.
Our Services

Custom Development

NFQ can leverage its technological prowess to create EdTech solutions that meet specific educational needs, driving innovation with tailor-made features and functionalities.

Content Management and Distribution

We can develop sophisticated platforms that enable educators to organize, update, and distribute educational materials efficiently and effectively.

Interactive Learning Solutions

NFQ can design interactive learning solutions that captivate students, enhance understanding, and foster a deeper connection with the material.

EdTech Integration & Optimization

Drawing on our experience in various sectors, NFQ can assist in seamlessly integrating EdTech tools into existing educational frameworks, ensuring they operate at peak efficiency and deliver maximum educational value.

User Experience and Accessibility

NFQ's commitment to user-centered design can be instrumental in crafting EdTech platforms that are accessible and intuitive, ensuring that all learners, regardless of ability, can benefit from the latest educational technologies.

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