Nowadays, GovTech innovation is crucial for establishing an efficient, transparent, and responsive government capable of meeting the evolving needs of its citizens and addressing contemporary challenges.


Innovative solutions can streamline government processes, rendering them more efficient and effective. Automation, data analytics, and other tech solutions can assist government agencies in delivering services faster and at a lower cost. Implementing these technologies in government processes can result in significant cost savings: automation and digitalization can reduce paperwork, eliminate redundancies, and optimize resource allocation.


Moreover, GovTech ensures that governments remain adaptable to evolving challenges such as public health crises, environmental issues, and social changes. 


Last but not least, countries that invest in GovTech innovation are better positioned to compete globally. Efficient government processes, advanced digital infrastructure, and a supportive regulatory environment can attract businesses and investors, fostering economic growth.


Here for the GovTech industry, we offer digitalization of government through technology-powered solutions. Our team of data scientists, UX/UI professionals, and software engineers apply their expertise to address challenges and resolve problems specific to the GovTech sector. Our goal is to enhance existing systems or create new, tailored-to-the-needs, innovative solutions and deliver excellence to government entities and users.

Major Projects

Valstybine Mokesciu Inspekcija (VMI)

We played a significant role in implementing the new Gyventojų pajamų mokesčio (GPM) declaration system for Lithuanian taxpayers, collaborating with UAB “NRD Systems.” With a focus on UX and design, our experts crafted an intuitive interface, streamlined data input processes, and seamlessly integrated a direct payment function into the platform. The system aspires to provide a business-centric and efficient means for Lithuanian residents to declare income and fulfill tax obligations.

eSveikata (ESPBI IS)

Bus papildyta Our GovTech team significantly contributed to the transformation of eSveikata (ESPBI IS), Lithuania’s centralized health care system, by developing a sophisticated laboratory test management system. This project was initiated by the EU and Lithuania’s Ministry of Health to ensure the standardization of laboratory tests throughout the EU. In the near future, all Lithuanian healthcare organizations and private laboratories will be compliant to integrate and use our system, operating 24/7.

LP Express

NFQ Technologies significantly contributed to the transformation of LP EXPRESS, Lithuania’s leading postal service provider, by developing a sophisticated software solution to coordinate the dispatch and delivery of parcels through their innovative LP EXPRESS network. This initiative, initiated by Lithuania Post a decade ago, aimed to meet the evolving demands of nearly 800,000 monthly customers and address the increasing reliance on online shopping. NFQ experts crafted the entire LP EXPRESS back end. The success was evident as the LP EXPRESS parcel terminal network seamlessly integrated with the new Lithuania Post logistics center, contributing to a fully automated parcel distribution system. Today, with almost 300 LP EXPRESS parcel terminals operating 24/7 across 84 Lithuanian cities and towns, this collaborative journey marks a significant milestone and sparks anticipation for future innovations.
Our Services

UX and design

Optimizing the UX/UI for GovTech, our service focuses on crafting seamless user experiences and intuitive interfaces, enhancing citizen engagement, and streamlining government service delivery.

Front-end development

NFQ's expert solutions in GovTech front-end development leverage technology, ensuring seamless and responsive interactions for citizens accessing government services.

Back-end development

Elevating GovTech infrastructure, our back-end development service establishes robust foundations, ensuring data integrity, security, and efficient functionality to support seamless government operations.

Seamless systems integration

Facilitating GovTech excellence, our seamless systems integration service ensures the fluid incorporation of diverse components, data, and processes. This results in enhanced government operations, optimizing the functionality of digital services for citizens.

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