As travel becomes more accessible, it’s also easier than ever for consumers to book flights and accommodation. However, this convenience brings complex challenges for industry providers, including managing vast data volumes and multiple customer interaction points. At NFQ, we deeply understand these challenges and have a proven track record of revolutionizing operations for travel industry leaders.


Our journey in the travel sector has been marked by continuous learning and adaptation. With years of industry knowledge and practical expertise, we offer innovative solutions that not only address current operational challenges but also unlock new growth opportunities.


Whether optimizing existing operations or exploring new service offerings, our team is ready to guide your travel business towards new horizons of success.

Major Projects


Our team has skillfully optimized the car rental process by crafting user-friendly interfaces for mobile and web platforms, ensuring a seamless experience for renters and dealers. Through innovative rental apps, we've facilitated efficient communication between customers and drivers, alongside real-time tracking for enhanced peace of mind. Our dedicated portal for car dealer inventory management streamlines collaboration and boosts responsiveness, while our comprehensive admin portal empowers clients with effective application management and operational control, ensuring precision and efficiency in rental services oversight.


In 2007-2010, we built a travel search engine called SWOODOO. The project a number of complex technologies that were leading-edge. The world leader in online travel KAYAK acquired the advanced, easy-to-use swoodoo system in 2010, becoming one of our most prominent success cases. A dedicated NFQ team of 40 engineers has been developing KAYAK till 2018 when the company acquired our business unit in Kaunas, Lithuania.


Having NFQ as its key technology partner, HomeToGo was able to evolve its business model from search engine to marketplace. Built from scratch, it became the world's largest vacation rental site. Back in 2021 HomeToGo entered its next chapter of growth as a public company on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange with a notable evaluation of more than one billion euros. One of the reasons this became possible is the exclusive opportunity provided by NFQ — the option to buy out the development team.
Our Services

Data Processing and Management

Efficiently handle and manage vast volumes of data with our Data Processing and Management solutions. From data collection to analysis, our services ensure accuracy, security, and accessibility, enabling you to make informed decisions and drive business growth.

Digital Transformation and Platform Development

We specialize in developing customized digital platforms that align with your unique business requirements. By leveraging the latest technologies, we enhance efficiency, streamline processes, and deliver exceptional digital experiences to your customers. Our solutions empower you to stay competitive, drive innovation, and achieve your business goals with ease.

Travel Search and Marketplace Solutions

We help you create compelling offerings, connect with travelers, and drive bookings through intuitive, user-friendly interfaces, maximizing your visibility and revenue potential.

Car Rental and Fleet Management Solutions

Optimize operations and enhance customer satisfaction with our Car Rental and Fleet Management Solutions. From vehicle allocation to maintenance tracking, we streamline processes, ensuring efficiency and reliability in your car rental business.

Customer Touchpoint Management

Create seamless interactions across multiple channels with our Customer Touchpoint Management solutions. From personalized communications to efficient support, we help you engage and delight customers at every touchpoint, fostering loyalty and satisfaction.

Booking and Reservation Systems

Streamline the booking process and optimize revenue generation with our Booking and Reservation Systems. Our solutions simplify the booking journey, from search to confirmation, empowering you to increase bookings and enhance customer satisfaction.

Mobile and Web App Development

Engage users on their preferred devices with our Mobile and Web App Development solutions. Our experts build seamless, user-friendly apps that inspire trust and loyalty, enabling you to deliver exceptional digital experiences and drive customer engagement.

Operational Efficiency and Automation

We help you work smarter, not harder. Our services automate tasks, improve workflows, and optimize resource utilization.

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