At NFQ, we’re leading the charge in transforming how we move. Beyond just ride-sharing, we delve deep into urban mobility and smart city solutions. Our blend of cutting-edge tech and industry insight ensures a seamless journey toward innovation, tailored to your unique environment.


In this rapidly changing sector, we’re more than problem-solvers—we’re your guides to the future of transportation. With a global team bringing diverse skills and perspectives, we’re not just following trends; we’re shaping them. Our goal? To weave mobility into the digital fabric of tomorrow’s cities.


Partnering with us means you’re not just getting technological solutions; you’re getting a team committed to understanding the heart of your challenges. We believe in building solutions that not only address today’s needs but are adaptable for the future, all while fostering strong, collaborative relationships with our clients. Let’s drive towards a smarter, more connected world of mobility together.

Major Projects


One major project involved the development of a next-generation My Driver/SIXT platform. Our technological solutions helped to scale the MyDriver platform for premium limousine services in cities around the world. The result? An efficient premium transportation experience for millions of users worldwide.


Our team has skillfully optimized the car rental process for VIBE by crafting user-friendly interfaces for mobile and web platforms, ensuring a seamless experience for renters and dealers. Through innovative rental apps, we've facilitated efficient communication between customers and drivers, alongside real-time tracking for enhanced peace of mind. Our dedicated portal for car dealer inventory management streamlines collaboration and boosts responsiveness, while our comprehensive admin portal empowers clients with effective application management and operational control, ensuring precision and efficiency in rental services oversight.


In another project, we helped build the CityBee platform to start Eastern Europe's largest car-sharing business. It's integrated with telematics data, and mobile providers that include 24/7 real-time monitoring to manage huge amounts of data, and is scalable for any country.
Our Services

Urban Mobility Solutions

We develop systems to optimize public transportation and smart parking, making city travel easier and more efficient for residents.

Car-Sharing Solutions

Our car-sharing platforms facilitate easy vehicle access, booking, and tracking, providing a convenient alternative to car ownership.

Telematics and Data Integration

We integrate vehicle data collection and analysis, offering insights into driver behavior and vehicle performance to improve efficiency and safety.

Automated Rental and Leasing Solutions

Our platforms automate the rental process, from booking to return, reducing manual tasks and improving operational efficiency

Fleet Management Systems

We provide systems for monitoring and managing vehicle fleets, including route planning, maintenance tracking, and driver performance.

Mobile and Web App Development

We design mobile and web platforms that are easy to use, allowing users to book rides, manage fleets, and access real-time information.

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