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Embracing Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer a futuristic concept but a strategic necessity for businesses seeking to innovate and gain a competitive edge. However, the adoption of Artificial Intelligence also comes with multiple challenges that business leaders must face inevitably. 

From our experiences working with our clients in their AI adoptions, here are some of the blockers to your success in adopting AI into your strategy.

  • Purchasing AI technology without knowing what it will be used for from the organization big picture
  • Low digital maturity, where the foundational infrastructures of the organization are not developed yet (lacking of data maturity, backend system, non-standard enterprise architecture, etc.)
  • Incompatible digital capability of the human resources to develop and operate an AI-based system as a whole
  • Over-relying on in-house development team to implement Ai technology and embed into your current system

All of these blockers result in waste of effort, time and money without a concrete result and impact on your business.


What NFQ has offered?

  • Digitalization assessment service that provides you with a comprehensive analysis of your company, identifies prime areas for AI integration that can drive efficiency, enhance decision-making, and personalize customer experiences.
  • AI strategy formation and planning that provides you with an actionable plan and roadmap, aligning with your business objectives and technological capabilities towards full adoption of AI
  • AI implementation & delivery, where our experts and delivery team will work hand by hand with your management and execution team to introduce AI-based technology into your technical and non-tech systems, monitor the metrics and navigate the organizational changes in behavior and culture.
  • AI Training program, where our experts will provide different forms of training to help up-skill your team, establish best practices for data management, and foster an environment of continuous learning and adaptation.

Our end-to-end support ensures that AI technologies are not just implemented but are also effectively utilized to deliver measurable business outcomes.


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Opportunity Assessment

Begins with a comprehensive evaluation of existing processes and systems to identify high-impact opportunities for AI integration. This initial step is crucial for understanding where AI can deliver the most value, setting the stage for targeted and effective adoption strategies.

Data Infrastructure and Management

Our team assesses and enhances your data infrastructure to ensure it's robust and scalable, capable of supporting advanced AI applications. Effective data management practices are established, laying the foundation for high-quality, AI-ready data.

Skills Development and Change Management

We address the human element of AI adoption, offering training programs to upskill your team and facilitating a culture shift towards data-driven decision-making. Change management practices are employed to ensure smooth transition and adoption across the organization.

AI Strategy and Roadmap

We craft a bespoke AI adoption strategy that aligns with your business goals, outlining a clear roadmap for integration. This strategic planning ensures a structured approach to AI implementation, focusing on achieving tangible business outcomes and fostering innovation.

Technology Selection and Implementation

NFQ guides the selection of suitable AI technologies and tools that match your business needs and technical environment. We oversee the implementation process, ensuring seamless integration with existing systems and minimal disruption to operations.

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