Audit & Due Diligence

NFQ’s Technology Audit & Due Diligence services provide a thorough assessment of a company’s technology systems and infrastructure. We focus on identifying technical strengths and vulnerabilities, ensuring systems are secure, scalable, and aligned with business objectives. Our evaluations cover software systems, digital processes, and technical setups, offering clear insights for strategic decisions, investments, or operational improvements. This service is vital for companies aiming to optimize their technology framework for current efficiency and future growth.


Technology Audit & Assessment

Kickstart your modernization journey with our Technology Audit & Assessment service. We conduct a thorough evaluation of your legacy systems to pinpoint inefficiencies, assess cost-effectiveness, and identify opportunities for enhancement. This foundational step provides a clear roadmap for modernization, ensuring your investments in technology are both strategic and cost-efficient.

Team and Vendor Performance Assessment

A detailed evaluation of the current team or external vendors' work quality to gauge their effectiveness, adherence to best practices, and alignment with project objectives. This assessment identifies areas for skill enhancement and process improvement, ensuring the team and vendors can meet the evolving demands of the business and maintain high-quality output.

Analysis of Key Performance Indicators

How does the company perform compared to its competitors? Is there potential for further growth or is the market characterized by high competition? How valid is the customer data of the company and is there potential for reducing costs by optimizing internal processes or reducing external costs?

Analysis of Business Processing

Are the operational business processes set up properly? What bottlenecks are to be expected in order processing? Do they affect current growth plans? Where do you need to invest and how can you optimize?

Tech Due Diligence

Our Tech Due Diligence service offers a thorough and transparent examination of your prospective technical acquisitions, ensuring you have all the critical information needed for sound decision-making. We delve into the technological infrastructure, software quality, scalability potential, and compliance adherence of the target acquisition, providing you with a detailed report that highlights risks, opportunities, and recommendations.

Cyber Security Assessment

A critical evaluation of system and data security measures against industry best practices and standards. This assessment offers recommendations to strengthen defenses and protect business assets.

Analysis of the Company Organization

Is the management team well structured? Is there a good second level or is the organization dependent on a few key people?

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