At NFQ, we are proud to introduce our pioneering service, B.O.T. (Build-Operate-Transfer) for ECaaS (Edge Computing as a Service), tailored for businesses seeking to leverage edge computing capabilities with the flexibility of scaling operations as they grow.


Initial Phase: Dedicated Team

We begin by deploying a dedicated team that seamlessly integrates with your existing operations. This team, specialized in edge computing, works closely with you to develop and implement tailored solutions that address your specific needs, from reducing latency to enhancing data security. This hands-on support ensures that your edge computing infrastructure is optimally configured from the outset, providing a solid foundation for effective data processing and management at the network's edge.

Transition Phase: Operational Sovereignty

As your business expands and your technological needs evolve, our B.O.T. model facilitates a smooth transition by gradually handing over control and management of the edge computing infrastructure to your internal team. This phase is crucial as it empowers your organization with full legal and operational sovereignty, allowing you to manage and scale your edge computing solutions independently. During this transition, we focus on capacity building within your team, ensuring they are fully equipped to handle the system on their own.

ECAAS Phase: Edge Computing as a Service

Once the transfer is complete, you move to our ECaaS model, where we continue to support your edge computing needs on a service basis. This flexible approach allows you to scale your edge computing capabilities without the overheads of managing the infrastructure entirely on your own. Our ECaaS solution provides ongoing optimization and technical support, adapting to your changing demands and ensuring your edge systems are always at the forefront of technology.



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