Tailored to deliver top-tier consulting and development exactly when you need it, IMPACT functions like a SAAS product, but with the personalized touch of a law firm retainer. Here’s how it works:


Step 1: Comprehensive Audit

Start your path to transformation with an in-depth audit that scrutinizes the "How," "What," and "Why" of your current setup. Our experts will recommend the most suitable IMPACT package tailored to your needs. Opting for a package will nullify the audit invoice, seamlessly leading you to the next phase. Should you choose not to proceed, the audit will be billed as a standalone service.

Step 2: Expert Insight

Dive deeper as our experts present the findings from the audit, laying the groundwork for informed decision-making. This stage also marks the beginning of meticulous documentation of your software and operational procedures, ensuring clarity and alignment.

Step 3: Strategy and Allocation

Collaborate with our specialists to strategize the optimal utilization of your available hours across our suite of services. This client-expert synergy ensures that your resources are directed towards areas with the highest impact.

Step 4: Tailored Services

Whether you're in need of advanced development work or expert consultancy, IMPACT has you covered. Services included in the "Advanced" package are rendered by our seasoned developers and consultants, with hours meticulously tracked and billed to maintain transparency and control.

Step 5: Continuous Engagement

To ensure your utmost satisfaction and continuous improvement, we schedule monthly check-ins. These sessions are crucial for addressing any concerns and adapting strategies to better serve your evolving needs.

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