Digital Strategy

Our consultancy specializes in creating digital strategies that are aligned with the unique needs of your business and customers. With NFQ, you can:

  • Evaluate your current operations, identify digital opportunities for strategic growth and efficiency
  • Form data-driven digital strategy with a clear roadmap in line with business goals
  • Develop a digital implementation plan that is actionable, measurable and scalable while adopting agile pratices for quicker adaptation to market changes and technology advancements

With our expertise in formation and execution of digital strategy, be ready to turn your business into a digital-first entity in this digital age.


E-Commerce Strategy

Our E-Commerce strategy addresses the critical elements of IT infrastructure, organization, and processes, guiding companies through the complexities of establishing a robust online presence. We help you ask the right questions and set up a tailored e-commerce framework, ensuring your business is well-equipped to thrive in the digital marketplace. Through a collaborative approach, we assist in refining your e-commerce strategy.

Direct-to-Consumer Strategy

(D2C) strategy is a response to recent market trends, technological advancements, and changes in consumer behavior, focusing on how manufacturers can directly reach and sell to their customers. We specialize in evaluating your specific options and developing a tailored concept and action plan, ensuring quick and effective decision-making and implementation.

Marketplace Strategy

Marketplace strategy is an essential aspect of digitalization, focusing on leveraging online platforms and marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and Shopify to boost visibility, engagement, and sales. Our consultancy specializes in developing platform strategies that align with your business goals, ensuring you effectively reach and engage your target audience.


Our IT Architecture & IT Roadmap Planning service is designed to establish a cohesive and forward-looking IT strategy that aligns with your business objectives. This service lays the foundation for a scalable and resilient IT infrastructure, capable of supporting your business's growth and evolving needs.

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